The Fox Prepares for a party!

We’re very excited in the Curious Fox office this week as we’re sending out invitations for our launch party!

We’re planning a little shindig in mid Janaury (yes, yes, we know – who holds a party in January?! But we’re planning on brightening up a depressing month and standing out from the crowd is what we’re all about after all!). We’re holding the launch at Dr Johnson’s house which is obviously very appropriate as the primary lexicographer of the english language (his Dictionary of the English Language was published in 1755).

It’s going to be an event for our trade contacts, so that’s booksellers, librarians, reviewers, book bloggers and of course our dear authors and agents. It’s a chance for us to tell people what the ethos is behind Curious Fox, why we’re so excited to present our books to the world and how we hope to make the list a huge success. We’re also planning some brilliant ‘curiosity’ games to keep our guests guessing and spark that curiosity in us all. We’ll take lots of photos on the night so watch this space for a report, and, if an invitation lands on your desk this week, we look forward to seeing you soon.