Curious Fox signs Princess Poppy creator for new Superfairies series

Curious Fox is delighted to announce the acquisition of SUPERFAIRIES by Internationally bestselling author Janey Louise Jones and rising star illustrator Jennie Poh.

The first two books, Basil and the Bear Cub and Dancer the Wild Pony, will publish in January 2016, with the next two, Martha the Little Mouse and Violet the Velvet Rabbit, coming out two months later in March 2016.

Superfairies combines two popular passions of young girls – animals and fairies. In each story, the fairies from Peaseblossom Woods must use their skills, teamwork and a sprinkling of magic to save animals in danger.

Penny West thinks it’s an irresistible concept: “We’re so excited about Superfairies. The fairies plus animals mix has instant appeal to girls aged 6-8 years, and the full-colour illustrations are simply gorgeous. These are thoroughly modern fairies who use a Strawberry computer and a fairycopter as well as their magical superskills – perfect for girls today.”

Janey Louise Jones, renowned for her multi-million selling Princess Poppy series, knows what makes young girls tick and what gets them excited about reading. She was also eager to make the fairies positive role models: “They’re very sweet stories obviously, but they’re also about using teamwork to solve a problem. The fairies are determined, independent and skilful in how they save the animals, and there is also an environmental message running through the world. Cute stories for girls must offer more than sugar and fairy dust these days, and in Superfairies I wanted to create modern, can-do characters that girls can aspire to emulate.”

This ‘girl power’ approach was part of the illustration brief right from the word go, as illustrator Jennie Poh explains: “The fairies had to be cute of course, but they’re also individuals, with their own strengths and weaknesses, and I worked very hard to express that in the pictures.”

Jones and Poh’s partnership on the series has been more collaborative than the traditional author/illustrator relationship, as Jones explains: “Jennie and I have been working on Superfairies for about four years, and it’s been my closest working relationship with someone visually realising my stories. Typically an author writes a book, a publisher selects an illustrator, and the two rarely interact. With Superfairies however, Jennie and I created it together, in almost weekly contact and dialogue, and only then did we take it to publishers to see. It’s been a hugely rewarding and refreshing process.”

The Superfairies deal covers world rights and was signed by Janey Louise Jones, Anne Moore Armstrong at Bright Illustration Agency and Penny West, Senior Editor at Curious Fox. The books will publish in January and March 2016 in paperback original. Curious Fox will launch the series via a widespread pre-publication campaign, followed up with a focus around launch on social media, national interview coverage, competitions in the parenting press and promotions with reading groups.

Basil the Bear Cup coverDancer the Wild PonyMartha the Little MouseViolet the Velvet Rabbit