What do you think about Science?

Curious Fox are a new publishing company creating books for curious minds. This September we are publishing an exciting novel for teenagers called Red Rock. To tie in with this book, which is written by a marine scientist, we are asking for young people to answer the below survey on attitudes to science. It’s anonymous and very quick (will take about three minutes).

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To give you an incentive, we’re going to choose 10 people at random, who complete the survey, to receive a free Curious Fox book of their choice!

You must aged between 11 – 18 to complete this survey.

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3 thoughts on “What do you think about Science?

  1. I recently took part in the TeenTech awards – which, before that, I found Science was boring at times but could be enjoyable when doing experiments and setting a Bunsen burner alight. But, then I found that, by taking part in something where you see there is a much wider community than just the ‘Einstein Stereotype’ when it comes to Science, it can be really interesting! There are amazing things that can come out of Science – and although some times you wonder why you need to learn about ‘certain’ things – at other times it can be very intriguing.

  2. Science is fun and engaging to learn about. I want to make a difference by studying science so I can help design new drugs for Epilepsy with fewer side effects.

  3. I am quite interested in science and I ask my science teacher lots of questions. One of them was; how do your nails grow? But not many people know the answer to it. I’m curious about lots of things too and I really like to find out the answer. I really like the sound of this new book andI am going to get it out of the library.