Diary of a Mall Girl is now published!

A shiny new book is sitting in front of me on my desk. No one else nearby seems to have noticed, but I could swear the book is whispering to me: “Admire me! Stroke me! Look at my lovely fluorescent pink highlights!” Okay, I may have gone a bit bonkers, but it’s that good, excitement-induced craziness because today is the day that Diary of a Mall Girl is finally out in the shops!

In case you don’t already know, Diary of a Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja follows the ups and downs of fifteen-year-old Molly Hart, who lives in the residential wing of her local shopping complex. Through her private diary, we get front row seats as she she juggles fickle friends, an annoying older brother, and tries to work out the secret of the mysterious twins Jewel and Jasper, who have just moved into the flat upstairs.

Luisa Plaja’s latest novel is definitely one of my favourite titles being published by Curious Fox this year. It’s sweet, funny (LOL in the true sense of that much-overused acronym) and, what’s more, it made me develop a rather embarrassing crush on the moody, musical love interest, Jasper. *Swoon!* That’s right, ladies and gents – this story catapulted me back to my teenage school years! It’s as hilarious as it is heart-warming; a novel that mixes just the right amount of realism and escapism. Working with Luisa to get this novel just right before it went to print was a great experience, and I’ve already read the manuscript countless times. But, with the finished book sitting in front of me, with its beautifully designed cover and its perfectly uncreased spine, I think I might just have to read it one more time!

 Laura, Commissioning Editor for Curious Fox

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