Federation of Children’s Book Group Conference

 Last weekend Curious Fox attended their first Federation of Children’s Book Groups Annual Conference!

The Federation is a national voluntary self-funded organisation whose aim is to promote enjoyment and interest in children’s books and reading. The Federation also encourages the availability of books for children of all ages, from first picture books to young adult. Members include parents and carers, teachers and librarians, along with individual and professional members, who all want to nurture a love of reading through the sharing of books with children.

This year’s conference was titled “power of the page.”

On the first night of the conference Curious Fox sponsored the pre-dinner drinks with some “Foxy Fizz!”  Managing Director, Miles Stevens-Hoare, introduced Curious Fox to the Federation and author, Sharon Gosling, spoke about what books meant to her as she grew up, and read an exhilarating extract from her book The Diamond Thief. Miles then followed up with a toast to the event and to Curious Fox.

We really enjoyed the weekend where we met lots of interesting librarians and reading groups who all enjoyed hearing about our fantastic launch list!

Please take a look at some of our photos from the conference…

Diary of a Mall Girl is now published!

A shiny new book is sitting in front of me on my desk. No one else nearby seems to have noticed, but I could swear the book is whispering to me: “Admire me! Stroke me! Look at my lovely fluorescent pink highlights!” Okay, I may have gone a bit bonkers, but it’s that good, excitement-induced craziness because today is the day that Diary of a Mall Girl is finally out in the shops!

In case you don’t already know, Diary of a Mall Girl by Luisa Plaja follows the ups and downs of fifteen-year-old Molly Hart, who lives in the residential wing of her local shopping complex. Through her private diary, we get front row seats as she she juggles fickle friends, an annoying older brother, and tries to work out the secret of the mysterious twins Jewel and Jasper, who have just moved into the flat upstairs.

Luisa Plaja’s latest novel is definitely one of my favourite titles being published by Curious Fox this year. It’s sweet, funny (LOL in the true sense of that much-overused acronym) and, what’s more, it made me develop a rather embarrassing crush on the moody, musical love interest, Jasper. *Swoon!* That’s right, ladies and gents – this story catapulted me back to my teenage school years! It’s as hilarious as it is heart-warming; a novel that mixes just the right amount of realism and escapism. Working with Luisa to get this novel just right before it went to print was a great experience, and I’ve already read the manuscript countless times. But, with the finished book sitting in front of me, with its beautifully designed cover and its perfectly uncreased spine, I think I might just have to read it one more time!

 Laura, Commissioning Editor for Curious Fox

It’s World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day and all over the country authors, publishers and illustrators will be encouraging children to read exciting novels!

Take a look at what some of our Curious Fox authors have to say about World Book Day and what it means to them…

Sharon Gosling, author of The Diamond Thief

World Book Day is a brilliant event that helps excite youngsters about reading. It’s one of my favourite days of the year!

 Luisa Plaja, author of Diary of a Mall Girl

My first novel was published a few years ago on World Book Day – the perfect day to become an author! On the big day, quivering slightly, I turned up at my first ever WBD school event. The staff and students quickly put me at my ease, and the school have hosted me every year since that lovely day. (Huge thanks to Newton Abbot College in Devon!) World Book Day means the – ahem – WORLD to me. Schools schedule imaginative events, authors make visits and enthuse bookishly, children dress up as fictional characters, students of all ages clutch their tokens and choose their ideal book… and together we all celebrate the wonder of reading. Happy World Book Day, everyone!

Luisa Plaja xxx

Stewart Ross, Author of Soterion Mission

World Book Day? No such thing! You mean World Book WEEK: seven crazy-mazy, hurly-burly, hugger-mugger, crush-rush, smash-dash days of talking and chatting to dozens and dozens of children and students from weens to teens, off stage and onstage, on line and on page. Love it! The one week in the year when words come first.

Alex Woolf, author of Soul Shadows

In a world where there are so many competing demands on children’s attention, it’s great to have a day when the focus is on books. Anything that encourages a child to pick up a book has to be a good thing. After all, it only takes one book to inspire a lifelong love of reading. I did an event on WBD in 2011 at Campsbourne Primary School in North London. All the children dressed up as characters from their favourite books. It was a wonderful day. This WBD I shall probably be curling up with The Light Bearer by Donna Gillespie. Or, if I’ve finished that, then I’ll be reading The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling.